"Brotherhood of the Bald": Ternopil businessman decorated his restaurants as "temples" so as not to close for quarantine

The entrepreneur decided to found a religious organization "Brotherhood of the Bald" so that the hostel and restaurants he manages could work during the weekend quarantine

Ternopil entrepreneur Taras Kovalchuk decided to found the religious organization "Brotherhood of the Bald", so that the hostel and restaurants he manages could work during the weekend quarantine as a "monastery", "temple" and "refectory".

The businessman wrote about this in his Facebook.

"We started looking for a legal mechanism so that we can continue to work under new conditions. They began to look at the experience of other countries. Poland (the most religious country in Europe) and a fitness center that became a church caught my eye. We started to study, it turned out that we don't need a church, we just need a religious organization," said the entrepreneur. In order to save his business from the new quarantine restrictions, Kovalchuk and his partners decided to create the organization "Brotherhood of the Bald" and conduct business on its behalf.

"Therefore, on these weekends the hostel will operate in the format of a monastery, Lelyvy - a refectory, Lysyy - a temple," the businessman explained.

In Ternopil, an entrepreneur turned restaurants into "temples" in order not to close them for the weekend quarantine. Photo: Facebook

Kovalchuk noted that according to Art. 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine "Everyone has the right to freedom of worldview and religion. This right includes the freedom to profess any religion or not to profess any religion, to hold religious cults and ritual ceremonies individually or collectively without hindrance, to conduct religious activities."


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