In the Czech Republic, they are canceling one of the benefits for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainians will be able to purchase them at the general tariff

In the Czech capital, Prague, travel benefits for Ukrainian refugees will be canceled from June 30.

The preferential price for travel tickets for Ukrainians will be valid until the end of June, after which Ukrainians will be able to purchase them at the general rate. writes about it.

"It is about the tariff category HN2 "face in material difficulty 2". It is intended specifically for Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection in the Czech Republic. Its cost was 444 Czech crowns - 737 hryvnias. Ukrainians have the opportunity to purchase tickets at this rate for another month at a reduced price. worth 165 crowns (274 UAH), but you can do it only until June 30," the publication writes.

The cost of public transport tickets in Prague

General tariffs:

  • 30 min. cost 30 crowns (49,84 UAH)
  • 90 min. – 40 crowns (66,45 UAH)
  • 24 hours - 120 crowns (199,35 UAH);

Registered subscriptions cost:

  • 30 days - 550 crowns or UAH 913,68.
  • 90 days — 1480 crowns or 2458,62 UAH.

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