Experts have identified the twenty most influential people in Vinnytsia

The first place in the Vinnytsia region rightfully went to the all-Ukrainian politician who started his career here.

Experts National rating of influence "Elite of Ukraine"-2021 made a list 20 most influential people of Vinnytsia region. It included representatives of local authorities, deputies, law enforcement officers and businessmen.

The first place in the Vinnytsia region rightfully went to the all-Ukrainian politician who started his career here. This is the ex-mayor of Vinnytsia, former head of the Verkhovna Rada and former prime minister Vladimir Groysman. Despite the fact that after the arrival of Zelensky's team, he went somewhat into the shadows, in his native Vinnytsia he still supervises all processes. Including through his party "Ukrainian Strategy of Groysman", which controls both the regional and city councils.

In second place is a bright representative of the aforementioned Groysman's Ukrainian Strategy, the mayor of Vinnytsia Sergey Morgunov. An associate of the ex-premier, Morgunov is holding his post for the third consecutive term - from February 2014 to October 2015, he was the acting mayor of Vinnytsia, and then twice more - in 2015 and 2020 - he officially headed the city according to the results of the elections.

The third line of the rating belongs to an influential local businessman Yuriy Kasyuk, the owner of the nationally known trade marks "Nasha Ryaba", "Bashchinskie", agroholding "Myronovsky Khleboprodukt", which accounts for more than 50% of the country's industrial poultry meat.

The experts put the head of the Premier-finance industrial corporation, a sports functionary and ex-people's deputy on the fourth place of the list Vladimir Prodyvus, on the fifth - the former KVN-shchik, the captain of the Vinnytsia Peppers team, and from the summer of 2020 - the head of the Vinnytsia regional state administration, Sergey Borzov.

Sixth place in Vladimir Bartsyos, the owner of the Vinnytsia Agro-Industrial Group, the seventh — from a People's Deputy, former head of the Regional State Administration and former mayor of Vinnytsia Alexander Dombrovskyi.

In eighth place is a public and political figure, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine since 2019 from the Servant of the People party Irina Borzova, the wife of Sergey Borzov from the sixth position.

The ninth line of the rating for Gennady Tkachuk — People's Deputy of two convocations and a well-known Vinnytsia philanthropist. Closes the top ten Anatoly Drabovsky — economist and politician, rector of Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute.

Further places in the ranking of the most influential Vinnytsia residents are as follows:

took 11th place Sergey Tatusyak, ex-people's deputy and former chairman of the Vinnytsia regional council, 12th — ex-chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, ex-people's deputy Igor Kaletnik.

In 13th place is the chairman of the Seventh Appeal Administrative Court Vitaly Kuzmyshin, 14th place for a deputy of the Vinnytsia City Council, volunteer and public figure Ludmyly Stanislavenko. 15nd place - Simeon (Shostatsky), Metropolitan of Vinnytsia and Bar OCU.

In 16th place — Sergey Kudlaenko, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation. On the 17th, he was the head of the GUNP in the Vinnytsia region Ivan Ishchenko. 18th place in Vyacheslav Sokolovogo — head of the Vinnytsia Regional Council, former prosecutor of the Vinnytsia Region.

РќР ° 19 месте Victor Ponomarchuk — the largest producer of vegetable oil in Ukraine, the owner of the industrial group ViOil took the twentieth place in the list of the most influential Vasily Moroz, rector of Vinnytsia National Medical University Pirogov.


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