The Russian Federation massively hit the Dnipro and the region with missiles: what is known about the strikes on the Dnipro and the region

Air defense forces shot down part of the enemy targets

On the night of April 19, the Russian occupation army attacked the city of Dnipro. A five-story building caught fire due to an enemy strike, it was partially destroyed.

According to the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Lysak, there may be people under the rubble.

"An infrastructural object was damaged in Kryvorizha. There is also destruction in Sinelnykiv Oblast. A woman died there. More information later. In the meantime, take care of your safety." - the message emphasizes.

Fox reported that the Air Defense Forces shot down part of the enemy targets. Only in the morning, previously, there were 9 rockets. And 2 more at night. According to him, as a result of the attack, there was also a hit.

"One of the enterprises in Pavlograd was damaged. There are dead and injured in Synelnikovo. Children are among the injured. One is difficult. 4 private houses were partially destroyed, another 8 were damaged. In Dnipro, in addition to a residential building, two infrastructure objects were damaged. In total, there are currently 2 dead and 15 injured in the city." he added.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, currently there are 16 wounded and two dead in the Dnipro.

"In addition, six people were killed in the Sinelniky district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, among them children aged six and eight, and two more people were injured." informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In Kryvyi Rih it is known about three victims. Vilkul said that there was a "hit" on the infrastructure object of the city, a fire broke out.

"About 10 rockets were shot down in the sky over the region.All emergency services have been dispatched to the scene, and the consequences are being liquidated. It is known about 3 victims - men aged 43, 53 and a woman aged 58. 2 men in the hospital, medium severity," — handed over by the head of the Defense Council of Kryvyi Rih.

He added that "all services, hospitals, social institutions are working, there is light" in the city.

The Russian Federation purposefully struck UZ objects

"The enemy carried out a targeted mass attack on civilian infrastructure facilities of Ukrzaliznytsia in the Dnipro region and the region. There are injured among the railway workers, they are provided with medical assistance. Rescue workers are working at the damaged objects, information about the dead is being clarified." — reported in the University of Applied Sciences.

Now the work of the station of the Dnipro station is suspended. Long-distance and suburban trains do not run to Dnipro station at the moment: Nizhnyodniprovsk and Horyainove are the temporary final stops.

In addition, the following trains will be delayed on arrival to Dnipro, their disembarkation will take place at Goryainove station: No. 38 Kyiv — Zaporizhia, No. 80 Lviv — Dnipro, No. 120 Kyiv — Zaporizhia.

After disembarking passengers at Goryainove station, trains bound for Zaporizhzhia will detour there.

Zelensky reacted for a missile attack on the Dnipro and called on partners to provide more air defense equipment

The head of state emphasized that air defense should now not be in warehouses, but in real cities and communities.

"Russia must be responsible for its terror, and every rocket, every "shahed" must be shot down. The world can guarantee this, the partners have the necessary capabilities. This has been proven particularly in the skies of the Middle East, and it should work in the skies of Europe.” - noted Zelensky.

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