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E-register of conscripts: what you need to know

When will the register of conscripts become operational

In Ukraine, the electronic register of conscripts will start working in October 2023. This innovation is designed to simplify the accounting and control of conscripts, reservists and conscripts. This is stated in draft laws № 10062.

What do the deputies propose?

About 100 people's deputies are the authors of the draft law. They propose to accumulate all the personal and official information available in electronic registers and databases, necessary for keeping military records, as well as to simplify the procedure for obtaining the status of a participant in hostilities, a person with a disability as a result of hostilities, and a family member of fallen servicemen (defenders). The explanatory note to the draft law states that it was developed to improve the work of the Unified State Register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists.

How will the register of conscripts work

The register will contain data on all male citizens of Ukraine aged 17 to 60. It will include the following information:

— Full name, date and place of birth, gender, citizenship;
— place of residence and stay;
— marital status, presence of children;
— education, profession, place of work;
health status;
— military accounting specialty.

Data to the register will come from various state registers, in particular from the register of citizens, the register of natural persons-entrepreneurs, the register of vehicles and others.

What advantages will the register give?
The electronic register of conscripts will enable:

— avoid bureaucratic and corruption processes;
— to quickly identify persons who are hiding from military commissars;
— to improve the interaction of various state bodies in the process of granting the status of a participant in hostilities;
— to simplify the procedure for obtaining the status of a participant in hostilities for persons with disabilities, as well as obtaining benefits for those whose relatives died in the battles.

All this data will be collected from various registers without the consent of citizens.

To whom the data will be available

The data listed above will be available to the Territorial Centers of Completion and Social Support (TCC SP).

What will change for conscripts from October

Conscripts will no longer need to come to the TCC to update their data. All information about them will automatically enter the registry.

Conscripts will also be able to receive an electronic military ID card and an electronic record book.

How to find out if you are on the registry

Information about conscripts will be available in the personal account on the public services portal.

Who owns the register?

The holders of this register are the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

When will the register of conscripts become operational

Maryana Bezugla, deputy head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense told The Ukrainian Air Force reports that the electronic register of conscripts and conscripts, which is called "Oberig", is 90% ready.

According to her, it already contains data on almost all conscripts. According to the plan of the project team, the register should be fully functional with communication with the registers of other authorities in the fall.

The deputy emphasized that currently there is no mechanism for sending summonses electronically using this register.

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