Startuet I city science marathon STEP UP

Students of grades 7-11 can participate in the forum.

There are no fewer children involved in science nowadays than 40-50 years ago. This is actively used by universities and other educational institutions, organizing scientific festivals, forums, marathons for schoolchildren, students of colleges and schools. The purpose of such events is to popularize scientific activity among young people, to help future talented scientists.

In March, the 2022 in Ternopil The XNUMXst city scientific marathon STEP UP will be held. It will be held at one of the leading universities in the region — Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Vladimir Hnatyuk. The university organizes the event together with the city department of education and science, the Ternopil methodical center for scientific and educational innovations and monitoring, other youth and educational organizations.

Students of grades 7-11 can participate in the forum. To do this, they need to fill out registration form and send it to the organizing committee by February 18, 2022.

Seven sections

Participation in STEP UP is an opportunity to present to specialists
results of scientific studies, consult and
will hear advice from authoritative scientists. As part of the marathon
the planned work of seven sections is the subject of a scientific paper
binds to one of them:

  1. Natural. It covers biology, ecology, astronomy,
    physics, geography and chemistry.
  2. Social and humanitarian. It includes history, foreign
    philology, Ukrainian prose and poetry, linguistics, religion,
    philosophy, local history.
  3. Economic and legal combines sociology, law, etc
    the economy.
  4. Computer-mathematical. The work of the section covers
    mathematics, programming, informatics, computer science
  5. Art is music, poetry, artistic culture,
    architecture, design.
  6. Psychological and pedagogical — concerns the problems of psychology,
    pedagogy, inclusion.
  7. Communicative-leadership — combines essay, oratory
    craftsmanship, social projects and free association.

Two stages of the scientific marathon

STEP UP will take place in two stages:
● I stage — correspondence;
● II stage — face-to-face (final).

At the first stage, the jury will study the candidates' articles and select them
current and innovative research. Marathon finalists
have to defend their work before the members of the commission. Protection
will be held at the Ternopil National Pedagogical University. members
commissions will evaluate knowledge of the topic, communication skills, culture
things of young scientists, their ability to interact with the audience.
Winners and participants will receive diplomas and valuable gifts.
The best scientific articles will be included in the electronic and printed collection.

Requirements for the design of scientific papers

Under the terms of STEP UP, candidates must submit a scientific report
an article of 3-5 full pages in Ukrainian, Polish or
English languages. Registration requirements:

● left and top margins — 2 cm;
● interline interval — 1;
● width alignment;
● font — Times New Roman 14;
● book orientation of the letter.

In the upper corner at the beginning of the article, the author indicates the name and surname,
class, educational institution and supervisor's data. Next is the title of the article in capital letters in the center in bold.

The next line is an abstract for 4-6 proposed and 3-5
keywords on the topic of the article. Only italics are allowed in the text. All figures, tables and diagrams are included in the text and not in its appendices.

The marathon in Ternopil is a serious scientific event.
Approach to ego organization, requirements for design and content
work is also serious. Participation in such events is an opportunity to declare yourself as a promising scientist, decide on your future profession and enter a specialized faculty of a university outside of competition.


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