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Again about the struggle for the governor's seat of Odesa

Maxim Marchenko

The Odesa region has been without the head of the regional military administration for the second month after the sudden departure of Maksym Marchenko. The main candidates for the vacant seat either declined or did not pass the interview.

Experts in power rightly point out that dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Odesa region has been growing for a long time. The fall in almost all economic indicators, the strengthening of the institution of "watchers" and clannishness, a number of high-profile corruption scandals. Two of Marchenko's deputies were tied up on large bribes with an interval of a little more than a week. Scandals involving multimillion-dollar theft of humanitarian programs. And this is all during the war. It is logical that the Office of the President began to look for a candidate to replace Maksym Marchenko.

Two applicants were actively discussed: the head of the Odesa SBU Viktor Dorovsky and rear admiral of the Navy Ihor Stupnytskyi. As is known, Dorovsky immediately resigned from his position. He is building a successful career in the Security Service. The governor's chair will put a cross on this career.

But Stupnytskyi went to Kyiv for an interview. And the next day after this trip, he was allegedly detained by the police for drunk driving. As a result, Stupnytskyi proved his innocence in court, but situationally, this situation spoiled his reputation.

Maxim Marchenko

At that time, Marchenko still held tightly to his place and tried in every way to fight against everyone who was thinking of leading the region.

Today there are several candidates for Odessa. Marchenko himself was left with nothing. The servants did not accept him into their pool. But relations with the Headquarters seem to have deteriorated. He could be forgiven for the conflict with Andrii Kovalchuk, the head of the Southern Operational Command. But there is no clear "pretext" for Stupnytskyi. Obviously, today in the army, the former head of the Odesa OVA is unhandy.

Oleksiy Korolenko

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