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Rating of Telegram channels in Odessa: how much are they worth and who is behind them?

Recently, telegram channels have significantly supplanted, if not to say – supplanted the niche of traditional journalism. This became especially noticeable with the beginning of a full-scale war, because now the majority of Ukrainians get their news not from TV screens and news agency websites, but from numerous TG channels, whose non-censorship and efficiency are many times ahead of "regular" mass media.

During November 2022, experts from the rating agency ElitExpert studied the most popular TG channels of the Odesa region and communicated with their managers in order to compile detailed and comprehensive rating of these information (and not so) resources.

The positions of the channels in the rating are displayed according to the number of their subscribers - from the largest to the smallest. Experts scrupulously approached the numbers, and where they are artificially inflated, there are appropriate remarks.

However, despite the fact that the final place in the ranking depended on the number of readers, experts did not stop at bare numbers. It was much more interesting to delve into the politics of Telegram channels and find out the identity of their owners, since approximately 90% of them are anonymous.

In our deep conviction, wartime and the associated information risks simply cannot assume anonymity. Readers should know who is behind a specific Telegram channel and understand what and why they are trying to convince them. Moreover, quite often such resources are used as a source of "black PR" - at the same time, if a TV channel or publication can be sued for defamation, then in the case of Telegram channels, the object cannot even always understand who ordered it.

In this regard, it was collected by specialists EliteExpert the amount of data on the owners of TG channels is very valuable and has no analogues: for the first time, the identities of the people behind all the more or less well-known channels of Odessa and Odesa region are revealed.

In addition, for each of the channels, prices and terms of placement of materials, which are directly taken from the administrators, are indicated.

At the same time, we recognize that in some (very few) cases, mistakes may be made regarding the owners - therefore, all information continues to be refined and processed non-stop.

We plan to continue to monitor the data of Odesa Telegram channels, study the increase or decrease in the number of their subscribers, attempts to attract bots, monitor changes in editorial policy and channel owners.

For convenience, the compiled rating is accompanied by an infographic. To avoid questions, we note that the text on the illustrations is in Russian, because it is in Russian that the vast majority of the Telegram channels we analyzed publish their content.

On the first place the channel is in the rating Huodessa. This channel, like most of the list, hides the name of its owner, but as a result of research and interviews of many people, it was possible to establish that the ex-Deputy of Odessa and a crypto millionaire is behind it Dmytro Golubov. He has been interested in the media business for a long time, once he bought the TV channels "Akademiya" and "Zdorovya" from Serhiy Kivalov, now he turned his attention to telegram channels as a more promising business.

As of December 1, 2022, this channel has 682 thousand subscribers.

It should be noted that the channel is informative and entertaining: it specializes in publishing trash content, road accidents, videos with "sticking" drug addicts, drunken fights and funny pranks - but with reference to Odesa and the region.

Simultaneously Huodessa often publishes commissioned materials, with one exception - they do not publish incriminating information on security forces.

At the same time, the cost of publications in this Telegram channel is very high and can be from 25 to 40 hryvnias per post, depending on the content.

In general, it should be recognized that Huodessa with its number of followers, it can become a rather strong tool of influence on society, specializing in politics, and not in entertainment content, as it is now.

On the second place the telegram channel was placed in the rating Odessa INFO News with 586 thousand subscribers. In fact, it is a twin brother HUOdessy, which is not surprising, because they have the same owner.

As in the first case Dmytro Golubov hides his relationship to the channel, and is directly managed by its co-owner - Yuriy Melnyk.

The policy of the channel is almost the same as in Huodessa. Any customers can do PR here, as for black PR, the channel also has an unspoken moratorium on defamation of security forces.

The price for placing materials is similar to the previous one — from 25 to 40 UAH.

Third place in the telegram channel Odessa as it is with 328 thousand subscribers.

Directly connected to the channel Oleksiy Korolkov, who founded the Vkontakte public of the same name 10 years ago. The channel is friends with Odessa People's Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko and his "Dumskaya". And the permanent administrator of the channel is e-mail editor Maksym Dibrov.

This is a typical business project: the channel publishes Odessa news and commissioned materials. Negative and positive content is published only with the approval of the editors and owners.

The cost of placing ordered materials is lower than that of competitors, but still high by Odessa standards — from 8 to 20 thousand hryvnias.

Fourth place in the telegram channel News Odessa and an almost detective story is connected with him - the channel, which now has 306 thousand subscribers, also previously belonged to Dmytro Golubov, but it was stolen. Currently owns the channel Oleksiy Mykhaylov.

Posts are similar to Huodessa - there are accidents, pranks with drunks, and official news. It is quite easy to place any order on this Telegram channel - both white and black PR, there are no special restrictions or prohibitions.

The "asking price" of the ordered material is from 5 to 20 hryvnias.

On the fifth place - a personal project of a people's deputy from Odesa Oleksiy Honcharenko. This is an author's blog with 202 subscribers, which is primarily a tool for political influence of its owner.

There is no custom content on the channel.

Sixth place in another project Dmytro Golubov (yes, he is a secret telegram tycoon!) and Yuriy Melnyk's channel Odessa WITHOUT CENSORSHIP. This is a kind of branch of the channel Odessa INFO News, which also belongs to them, and here the posts of the "elder brother" are often duplicated. However, the emphasis is on much more uncensored thrash content - murders, blood and all sorts of action from the front. 144 thousand subscribers like to watch and read this.

Any advertising materials can be placed on the channel, so sometimes there are advertisements for irons and new political projects nearby.

Those wishing to stay there need to spend from 12 to 16 hryvnias per post.

Seventh place in the Telegram channel Odesa News was overheard, which also grew out of the Vkontakte site of the same name. The channel with 137 thousand subscribers leads Dmytro Kayafyuk, who hides under the common pseudonym Max Olenev.

This is also a purely business project that publishes news, entertainment and advertising content.

Posts of a commissioned nature are published in agreement with the editors and cost from 3500 to 16000 hryvnias, depending on the context.

On the eighth place the official TG channel of the local authority — Odesa. Officially. He is followed by 117 subscribers, and the sharp increase in the popularity of this channel is primarily related to the war, to the issues and problems of the city's livelihood arising from it, which are of interest to all Odessans. Both official city news and important messages about water and electricity outages, schedules and city transport operations, addresses of social services and points of assistance for displaced people, as well as other useful things are published here.

As the name suggests, the owner of the channel is the Odesa City Council. The channel is handled by the deputy director of the information department of the city council Natalia Maltseva, and its management is the collective work of department employees.

Negative and positive content is published here only on the basis of the official line of the city council.

Ordered materials from the outside cannot be placed on this channel.

Ninth place at the local branch of one of the most popular all-Ukrainian telegram channels "Trukha Ukraine" — Trukha Odesa.

The Kharkiv group of businessmen, headed by Maxim Lavrinenko.

This is a business project where everything is published: analytical materials, news, trash content for every taste. At the same time, the Odesa channel has 106 subscribers, which, admittedly, is quite small compared to their all-Ukrainian channel with millions of readers.

Black PR on "Truhe" is posted with the approval of the editors.

The cost of advertising publications on the All-Ukrainian channel is 65-96 thousand hryvnias, and on the Odesa channel - from 10 to 20 thousand hryvnias.

The tenth step Telegram channel takes the top rating Odessa course, which also grew out of the "Vkontakte" public. It was founded many years ago by currency entrepreneurs of the "Book Market" and at first it really informed readers of currency rates on the "black market". However, later he followed the path of all other Odessa pubs and channels, starting to publish news and various entertainment and trash content.

Persons associated with the channel are entrepreneurs Valery Povolotskyi and Viktor Pantyuk, who, with the beginning of a full-scale war, also formed a volunteer charity organization of the same name.

The channel has 102 subscribers, and custom posts cost from UAH 4000 to UAH 16000.

The second ten opens the Telegram channel of a popular information site "Dumska"Dumskaya — Odessa news.

The beneficiaries of both the site and the channel are the Odesa People's Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko and his closest associate Mykhailo Shmushkovich. Also connected with the channel are deputies of the regional and city councils from Honcharenko's team - Yuriy Basyuk and Petro Obukhov. The editorial policy is indirectly influenced by party boss Oleksiy Goncharenko, ex-president Petro Poroshenko. This TG channel is followed by 96 subscribers, and its content duplicates the content of the "Dumska" website - it is news, investigations, reports and articles, and last but not least, the channel is a tool of political influence of its owners.

Custom posts, both negative and positive, are processed and published in accordance with the publication's editorial policy. The cost of placing materials varies from 3500 hryvnias for an easy PR to 40 hryvnias for something very hot.

On the 12th place Typical Odessa. This is the most pro-Russian TG channel in the region, included in the list of the SBU and supervised, most likely, by the special services of Russia.

Since the beginning of the war, the channel has grown from 600 subscribers to 94. It is interesting that its popularity among many Odessans, who are not particularly politically aware, is caused by the fact that specific addresses of "arrivals" and explosions are often published there - at a time when the rest of the Odesa channels associated with wartime censorship are not may disclose this information.

Leads the channel Oleksandr Sinitsyn, who lives in Ryazan, Russia. He once lived in Odesa, was an ardent anti-Maidan activist and left for the Russian Federation after the events of 2014. Accordingly, the politics of the channel is clearly pro-Russian, Russian narratives are thrown into Odessa society through it, and everything Ukrainian, on the contrary, is subject to criticism and ridicule. It is difficult to publish custom material on such a specific TG channel, and the price varies from 2500 to 10 hryvnias.

Thirteenth place in the named channel Serhii Bratchuk, adviser to the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, whom many mistakenly call the "Speaker of the OVA".

This channel with 81 thousand readers is primarily an author's blog and influence tool. The lion's share of publications on the channel is news about the war, as well as the author's thoughts and even his poems.

The tonality of the content is usually consistent with the official position of the regional leadership. There are no commissioned materials on the channel.

Fourteenth place in the TG channel Oleksandr Kovalenko, which is read by more than 68 thousand subscribers.

Like the previous one, this is also an author's project on a military theme. It is led by Oleksandr Kovalenko, an analyst and military-political expert of the "Information Resistance" group. The content is purely dedicated to the war and the activities of the Armed Forces. The channel does not sin with commissioned materials.

On the fifteenth place - Odessa now: news.

The news channel with 56 subscribers is connected to the popular channels Blacklist Odesa and Ukraine Now. One of those people who is related to them is Vladyslav Rakhvalov.

Custom posts are published upon agreement with the editors and cost from 3500 to 10000 hryvnias.

Sixteenth place in the telegram channel Odesa dude. Officially, 48 people have subscribed to it, but this number is questionable, since, according to the service, the channel has been noticed in bot management, fraud of views and subscribers.

According to the SBU, this is one of the channels owned by Anton Davydchenko, the ex-leader of the Odesa Anti-Maidan, who is hiding in Russia.

First of all, it is a tool of influence. The channel mimics Ukrainian, manipulating public consciousness and leading readers to believe that Ukraine is to blame for today's troubles and tragedies.

The cost of accommodation is 2500 - 5000 hryvnias.

On the the seventeenth city the channel of the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration Maksym Marchenko. It is followed by 38 thousand people, and the content, of course, is devoted to the daily activities of OVA. Marchenko also releases daily video messages, and his traditional "Good evening, Odeschyno, there was no shelling today" has already become a good local meme.

Of course, there are no order and advertising materials.

Telegram channel BessarabiЯ.UA according to the number of declared subscribers — 23 — ended up on eighteenth place. However, the service reports that this figure is artificially inflated.

The channel belongs to a Bessarabian businessman Viktor Kurtev, the news of the south of Odesa region, as well as Odesa and all-Ukrainian plus — custom content is published there.

The channel does not spare black paint for the Urbanski brothers - businessman and regional council member Oleksandr and current member of the Verkhovna Rada Anatoly, to whom the channel owner lost in the parliamentary elections in 2019. In a positive light, the own projects and activities of the heads of Artsys — Serhiy Parpulanskyi, Izmail — Andrii Abramchenko and a number of others are presented.

The cost of accommodation is small by Odessa standards, starting from 1 and ending at 3500 hryvnias.

Nineteenth line in the TG channel 7:40 Odesa. This is the official channel of the large charitable association of the same name, which updated its activities with the beginning of the Russian invasion. They publish news about their activities, announcements and offer help to those in need.

The channel with 23 subscribers was created and managed by the head of the BF, a journalist Yulia Fedorova, representatives of the "Servant of the People" party also have a certain relationship with him. They do not take orders, but they ask for help with donations for charitable activities.

On the 20th place - one of the oldest public and TG channels - Black List. The channel hides the name of its owner, who is the above-mentioned Odesaite Vladyslav Rakhvalov.

The Blacklist specializes in posts about unsatisfactory services or companies experienced by Odessans, and also publishes news and entertainment content. Channel administrators accept any custom materials, and their cost is small and ranges from 1 to 2 thousand hryvnias per publication.

21 place in the TG channel On duty in Odessa with 21 thousand subscribers. Its owner is a TV producer and media manager Oleksandr Kozyr.

The content is no different from the rest of Odessa channels, and the price of advertising and commissioned materials, which must be approved by the owner, is from 1000 to 2500 hryvnias.

Twenty-second place in the channel My Odessa. His content, followed by 20900 readers, is identical to the rest. Owns the Odessa channel Serhiy Yaroschuk. Any materials of a commissioned nature are accepted for publication - the price is from 800 to 3500 hryvnias.

23 place and 20 thousand subscribers to the official TG channel of the information site ALL news Odesa. The owner of the channel is a big businessman Ruslan Kivan, the son of construction magnate Adnan Kivan. Tetyana Milimko, editor-in-chief of USI, is responsible for the content. The channel duplicates the site's news, and is also used as a tool to influence and promote the owner's business interests.

The channel tries not to publish commissioned content. In exceptional cases, the price varies from 5000 to 12000 hryvnias, but no paid posts were found on the resource during the month of research.

On the 24th place telegram channel Once in Odessa. This is a former project of an anti-Maidan activist and a pro-Russian activist Oleksiy Tsvetkova, followed by 19,5 thousand people. There is information that before the war, the channel was bought by the new owners, citizens of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the content on the channel is anti-Ukrainian, and the news of Odessa and Ukraine is presented in the prism of Russian narratives. The channel sometimes places custom posts from 3500 to 5000 hryvnias, but probably only if they correspond to the worldview of the channel's authors.

Twenty-fifth place - in the channel Odessa without Falsha. This is a project that broke away from the all-Ukrainian TG channel "Truha Ukraine". Despite its 18 readers, prices for custom content here are very small and average from 500 to 1000 hryvnias.

26th mark in TG channel - Odessa news, a satellite of the information site of the same name, which it manages Vadim Tyutyukin.

Previously, the channel, like the site, was sponsored by businessman Volodymyr Galanternyk, then the chief political technologist of Odesa City Hall Serhiy Nazarov. The channel tries not to publish one-time commissioned content, but with regular cooperation, the cost of publication on the site and channel is from 4000 to 16000 hryvnias.

27 place in the channel | Odesa Natalia Sokolova is a local branch of the all-Ukrainian franchise.

Posts of a commissioned nature are published with the approval of the editors. On the other hand, on the resource, free and positive articles are written about the head of the OVA Maksym Marchenko, Serhiy Bratchuk, Roman Hrygoryshyn and other regional officials.

You can join the filling of the channel for 2500-3000 hryvnias.

On the the twenty-eighth place — Odessa CityNews Petro Galchanskyi.

One of the features of the channel is a clear taboo on negativity regarding the activities of Gennady Trukhanov, Maksym Marchenko, Hryhoriy Didenko, Serhiy Hrynevetskyi and law enforcement agencies.

The cost of accommodation is small: 500–1000 hryvnias.

On the 29 steps rating is a project of a political technologist and media manager Olena Ovchinnikova EliteExpert.

Channel content – ​​analytics, ratings, sociology; corruption schemes, raiding and lawlessness are highlighted in a negative light.

ElitExpert works in the framework of political and business consulting and tries not to publish one-time commissioned content. The price for complex information support for corporate clients varies from "expensive" to "very expensive".

The third ten is closed Odessa-media — another resource of the honored journalist Petro Galchanskyi. According to the service, this channel is also suspected of artificially manipulating views and subscribers.

The policy of the channel is the same as in "Odessa CityNews». Prices are similar.

The fourth top ten rating starts the channel Jewish manses Odessa deputies Oleksiy Yeremytsia and, according to some sources, Dmytro Pestruev. Various "downpours" and their own interpretation of city and all-Ukrainian news are published.

Although the channel tries not to publish other people's commissioned content, but if you ask a lot, the price will be from 6000 to 16000 hryvnias.

32 place in the channel 8News, to which they relate Andriy Safronenkov, Oleg Nevzorov, Mykhailo Partykevich, Dmytro Kovbasiuk and other. The editor of the channel is journalist Anton Dotsenko.

In November 2022, 100% of editorials on the channel had a neutral tone, with more than 90% of them on military topics.

In the past, the cost of placement on the channel varied from UAH 2500 to UAH 5000, but during the research period, no custom content was found on the resource.

Thirty-third the place was taken by the TG group Odessa and everything about it. In essence, this is a joint forum where each participant can express his opinion. The administrators of the group are: journalist and former editor-in-chief of "Odesa Herald" Mykhailo Deich and Vladyslav Zabranskyi.

Here you can place your material to order for a small amount of 500-1000 hryvnias.

On the 34 positions - channel Odessa - Gotsman knows everything!. This channel often publishes "downpours" and is used as a tool of influence, so it is also anonymous. At the same time, it was possible to establish that it is run by an Odessa public figure and activist Mykhailo Kuzakon.

The canal is not liked by the city, regional authorities, or law enforcement agencies, and you can stay on it for 1500 to 3000 hryvnias.

Thirty five took a step LIGHTHOUSE. Like the site of the same name, it was created and financed by an ex-deputy of the Odesa City Council Oleksandr Bornyakov, who currently works in the government. The editor is journalist Hanna Filimonova.

Original entertainment posts from around the world and publications about the unknown history of Odessa are often published. Placing an advertisement only on the TG channel varies from UAH 1000 to UAH 2000. Complex placement is possible - on the channel and website for UAH 5000-7000.

On the 36 place according to the number of subscribers - channel ChesnoK, redeemed Sergey Kivalov. Valentyn Prodayevich is also involved in the channel. It was led by journalists - Olena Rotari and Kateryna Madens.

The channel specialized in investigations and "drains", but is now inactive. The last publication on it was posted on April 3, 2022.

Before the beginning of the war, the cost of publications was 2500-3500 hryvnias.

Channel 7 Odesa occupies thirty seven rating step.

The owner is Ruslan Kivan, and the content is similar to the TG channel ALL news Odesa of the same media holding.

Channel 7 conducts its own investigations, criticizes the inaction of the city authorities, Gennadiy Trukhanov, Mykhailo Kuchuk, and covers corruption scandals.

Here they try not to publish custom content, in exceptional cases the price for it ranges from UAH 5000 to UAH 12000. In November 2022, 100% of the editorial content on the channel had a neutral tone. No custom posts have been published.

Thirty-eight place in the TG channel Monitor. According to the service, the channel uses bots and inflates views.

Previously, the channel belonged to OPZZhshniks Tetyana Plachkova, Bohdan Giganov and Lilia Leonidova. A few months ago, the resource was bought by the head of the Odesa DABC Oleksandr Avdeev. The permanent editor of the channel is Yaroslav Berendakov.

News, analytics, "downpours" and investigations are published.

The price of a custom publication is from 2500 to 12000 hryvnias.

The thirty-ninth step in the channel Irochka will tell... Odessa journalist Iryna Hryb.

People's deputies stand behind the channel Oleksiy Leonov and the developer Oleksandr Seleznev.

The resource publishes various "downpours" and rumors from government offices.

As for third-party placements, the channel mostly publishes internal "orders" worth from 2500 to 8000 hryvnias.

The fourth dozen closes the TG channel WAVE CUTTER, which belongs to the site of the same name. Like a number of other Telegram channels in the rating, it is sponsored by the mayor's political technologist Sergey Nazarov. The chief editor is Volodymyr Grebenyak.

Interestingly, the channel had only 200 subscribers for a long time, but recently, according to, about 10 bots were "poured" into the channel at one time.

The channel publishes news, reposts and custom content. Black PR is possible for everyone, with the exception of Gennady Trukhanov. Complex placement on the site and channel costs from 1000 to 2500 hryvnias.

Forty first place in the channel Bessarabia INFORM.

Currently, it belongs to ex-people's deputy Oleksandr Dubovy, former mayor of Kili Pavlo Boychenko was related to it before, the channel is hosted by Serhii Cherkasov.

The resource does not like Oleksandr Tkachenko and Hanna Ginak and writes well about the government, their own projects and Alla Stoyanova.

You can stay there for 1000-3500 UAH.

42 steps in the channel CYNICAL OF THE CITY, which before the war was called "Odesa City".

Many people believe that the channel belongs to MPs from the Ukrainian Communist Party Vitaly Sautyonkov and Viktor Baranskyi, but it turned out that this is not the case. One of the editors is Yuriy Tkachev. Several other sources name journalists Denys Kornyshev and Alyona Voytenko as administrators of the channel.

The channel is a tool of influence, publishes "downpours" and analyzes the latest news. At the same time, the channel tries not to publish custom content. In exceptional cases, the price varies between UAH 3000-6000, while the posts are processed in accordance with the editorial policy.

On the 43 place the official telegram channel of the well-known Charitable Foundation in Odessa Monsters, Inc. The same people behind the channel are behind the foundation - Kateryna Nozhevnikova and Andriy Stavnitser.

The channel covers its own charitable activities, does not post commissioned materials, but is always happy to donate to help the needy.

44 place in the channel Artyom Dmitruk. Its owner, as can be seen from the name, is Odesa people's deputy Artem Dmytruk. This is an author's project that helps its owner to expand his political significance.

Many Odessa developers, officials and political opponents are mercilessly criticized on the channel - instead, their own initiatives are promoted.

There are no side orders on the channel.

Forty-fifth place belongs to the channel Odessa insider, hosted by Vladyslav Zabranskyi and Mykhailo Deich.

The channel mostly reposts Ukrainian and world news, sometimes gives some "shows", but despite the loud name, there are not many insiders here.

As for the ordered materials, they are at your service for 2000-5000 hryvnias.

On the 46 place according to the number of subscribers, Yuriy Tkachev's project Odessa timer. Like the site of the same name, before the start of a full-scale war, the channel was traditionally considered pro-Russian, then hostile. Since March 2022, after the arrest of Tkachev by SBU officers, the channel and the site itself have been frozen and do not operate.

47 place in the channel Professor Moriarty. It belonged to Serhii Nazarov, who has already been mentioned many times, who through the channel "drained" various rumors from the offices of the Odesa City Hall, and was directly led by the scandalous activist Stas Dombrovskyi. With the beginning of the war, the channel was abandoned - perhaps because Dombrovsky himself immediately went abroad.

Channel News.LIVE Odesa occupies 48 place in the rating. It is part of the media holding, which previously belonged to Vadym Stolyar. First of all, people's deputy Tetyana Plachkova was related to the channel, and it was led by Olga Baklazhenko. Now the owner is Hanna Kovalyova, acting director. editor — Viktor Babayenko.

The cost of accommodation is from 2500 to 10 hryvnias.

49 place in the channel What is there?. Journalists Iryna Hryb, Olga Baklazhenko and People's Deputy from OPZZ Tetyana Plachkova were associated with him. The channel published "shows", insiders and news; he took orders for 2500-5000 hryvnias, but after the start of the war, he stopped working.

Closes the fifth dozen channel rating Compass Odesa, it is led by Yulia Fedorova. The channel criticizes the city government, but positively treats, for example, the TIS company and Oleg Kutateladze. Administrators practically do not take ordered materials - in exceptional cases, the price is UAH 2500-3500.

The sixth ten of the list looks like this. On 51th place channel PROVINCES, behind which are the associates of Oleksiy Goncharenko - Mykhailo Shmushkovich and Oleg Konstantinov, as well as Tetiana Plachkova. This union makes it possible to expand the options of topics for publications to infinity. On 52th place - channel EuroRegion Info, which specializes in dissecting corruption schemes. It is led by Odessa public figure Hryhoriy Kozma, 53 place in the channel Jewish tailor. He is related to city council member Oleksiy Yeremytsia and his close assistant Maria Balzhik. On 54 place — previously quite an influential channel Auditor former vice-mayor Oles Yanchuk, led by Serhiy Dubenko. The channel specialized in insiders from the city hall and was frozen immediately after Yanchuk lost his position. 55 place in the TG channel Coordination humanitarian headquarters of the OVA, which is led by representatives of the regional administration - Oleksiy Chornyi and Tetyana Sarnatska.

On the 56 steps of the telegram channel of the city newspaper Odessa life, which belongs to Gennady Chabanov. 57 place - in the channel Robin Hood in Odessa, to which Andrii Zarichanskyi and Artem Dmytruk are related.

58 steps at the author's TG channel Berendakov-news journalist Yaroslav Berendakov. 59 place seed channel Odessa ulcer, which is supported by Yana Freiman, a deputy from the Sharia party, as well as ex-employees of the press service of the Regional Council, Olena Yeremeyeva and Olga Levchuk. On honor sixtieth place - channel Odessa Lighthouse Vasyl Papushyn.

The seventh top ten rating opens a channel PORTAL, which was conducted by journalists from the orbit of Olga Baklazhenko, 62 place — in the channel Odesa Shuher, another project of Yaroslav Berendakov and Tetyana Plachkova. On 63 place another channel of Mykhailo Deich and Vladyslav Zabransky - News Odessa.

Sixty-fourth place in a channel with an intriguing name Zatok Joker local lawyer Stanislav Klymenko, 65-e takes place ConstructiveNEWS, which belongs to Odesa lawyer Oleksandr Ryabets.

On the 66 place - the channel of the deputy of the Odesa Regional Council Andrii Babenka, which is conducted by journalist Olena Rotari.

Channel Business Odessa journalists Olena Zhura and Mykhailo Deich is occupied 67 line rating, and 68 place belongs to another currently frozen channel of Oles Yanchuk and Serhiy Dubenko They whispered to Pryvoze.

penultimate 69 place, in the TG channel 368 media Kostiantyn Shpylevy and Denys Kornyshev.

And finally, it closes TOP-70 telegram channels of the Odesa region Favorite city public figure Anatoliy Kolomiyets — according to, the channel is also seen in bot fraud.


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