Ukrzaliznytsia is again at the center of a scandal: now through the Odessa management

Julia Svistunova

There is such a leader in Odesa, whose personality has long been the subject of close attention by law enforcement agencies - and not only those investigating economic crimes, but also those responsible for counter-subversive activities and the security of our state. We are talking about Yuliya Svistunova, a former head of a state-owned enterprise "Odesa Design and Research Institute of Railway Transport of Ukraine" (SE "ODESZALIZNYCHPROEKT").

In 2014, this enterprise ceased its activities, but Yuliya Svistunova went on maternity leave and was formally its current director until 2022. There were many different rumors surrounding her work in this position and current activity, as a result of which we decided to inquire more carefully into this matter. And already the first findings gave reason to claim that the power structures are simply obliged to pay attention to the activities of this person.

In particular, we managed to establish that despite the position of a civil servant, which forbids leading private companies, Svistunova controlled up to a dozen different companies that successfully laundered money through her relatives and proxy persons. Some of them formally belong to her closest relatives, including her mother and husband.

Julia Svistunova

Take, for example, a company "TRANSSIGNAL" LLC, engaged in a wide range of services, including works related to the construction of railways. This company, by and large, duplicated the activities of the state design institute. According to open data at YouControl, the company is headed by a certain Serhii Alekseev. But he is Yulia Svistunova's husband. Another successful business woman is the unremarkable Odesa pensioner Galina Gonchar, who is 76 years old and at the same time is the beneficiary of several large companies. In fact, Halyna Serhiivna is the mother of our heroine and is also a cover person. Odessa companies also have a direct connection with Svistunova LLC PIC, MAGISTRALPROEKT LLC, "Y-ALE" LLC and other. They are all registered to the same people and several duplicate addresses.

Julia Svistunova

According to rumors, Svistunova was taken care of by the head of the State Enterprise "Odesa Railway" Hryhoriy Boyko, and thanks to this "crushing" she sat firmly in her chair, regularly receiving multimillion-dollar contracts. At the same time, she won many of them according to a classic shadow scheme: at once, several companies related to her family also participated in tenders, creating the appearance of competition, after which they regularly hired each other as subcontractors. Mrs. Yulia was also not disgusted by the banal overestimation of the cost of materials. However, to her misfortune, the law enforcement authorities were interested in all this - according to our information, a number of criminal proceedings related to frauds on the railway have not yet been closed against Yulia Svistunova and her deputy Serhii Sinyavskyi. 

In addition, most of her subordinates in the state enterprise worked in parallel (and of course unofficially and secretly) for private companies related to her - from Transsignal to PIK. In fact, she forced civil servants to work for private companies, which is expressly prohibited by law! 

In addition to economic sins, Svistunova is also a traitor to Ukraine. She is an ardent supporter of the "Russian measure", and everyone around her knows this. In the Ukrainian army, it sees not protection, but a threat, and in principle will not report on the Armed Forces (which is not difficult to do with its income) and waits for the Russian invaders.

We will tell you about the only case when she had to disguise herself as a patriot. It is known that after the full-scale invasion, martial law was declared in Ukraine, including the possible temporary confiscation of property or transport for the needs of the front. Svistunova, owning a huge warehouse/industrial plot with an area of ​​more than 3000 square meters. meters on the Starokyivskyi highway in Odesa, decided that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would soon take away its warehouse and began frantically looking for a way to protect itself from imaginary threats. As a result, she turned to one well-known volunteer organization with a proposal to conclude a free rental agreement. According to the documents, the volunteers receive for their use both a warehouse near Odesa and equipment - excavators, etc. This was done with the intention that no one would squeeze the volunteers. At the same time, the volunteer fund, with its capabilities and well-established cooperation with partners, including foreign ones, really needed a large warehouse, where tons of humanitarian work could be kept for their further transfer to all those in need. However, later, seeing that the Ukrainian military was not "extorting" anything from anyone, and the war was going on far from Odessa, she immediately decided to put the volunteers on the street and terminate the agreement. 

At the same time, despite the fact that according to the documents the volunteers were allowed to use the entire territory, in reality the benefactors had only one hundred square meters. What's more, according to the stories of those present, recently there was a completely shocking incident - when volunteers handed over aid to the military from units on the front edge of the front, including from the Bakhmut direction, after their departure, Svistunova said to those around her - "I don't need these devils here in my warehouse." 

It is worth mentioning separately about tax evasion. On the territory of this huge warehouse, there are many different industries - from a painting shop and a scrap metal processing shop to the repair of heavy trucks - vans. At the same time, according to the data of our interlocutors, only renting out territories brings the owner 200-300 thousand hryvnias — and this is in addition to own production. According to the documents, the huge industrial area is empty, unprofitable, and several hundred people who work on the territory simply do not exist on the papers. This, by the way, is a note to law enforcement agencies. 

In addition, there is direct forgery of documents. At the moment, all the documentation of the company "Transsignal" (the owner of the warehouse/industrial zone) is maintained by an accountant. Including the right to sign for a director who evades mobilization abroad. Meanwhile, according to the Statute of Transsignal LLC, only the director has the right to sign, and in the case of a power of attorney for the right to sign, it must be entered in the open register for changes to the Statute. This was not done, that is, the brazen falsification of documents has been going on for the second year.

Now Yuliya Svistunova is abroad with her husband, in Moldova, lives there in an elite private house with an area of ​​about 500 square meters, and also created a company there SRLMAGISTRALPROJEKT and now it is already "sawing" money on state contracts in a neighboring country - we are talking about tenders worth millions. 

Julia Svistunova

In general, during the war, when our country is bleeding, Ms. Svistunova continues to live singing, but is it necessary to clarify that there is no help from her to the Ukrainian defenders? Over the past year, her family bought two luxury apartments in the city of Burgas (Bulgaria) and a new Volkswagen ID.4 car. There, in Bulgaria, a chic 16-seater yacht with a bedroom, a swimming pool and luxury furnishings was bought, which is worth more than one million dollars. And what if she survives the war, returns victorious and talks about her love for the Motherland and the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine...

Julia Svistunova

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