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Yulia Tymoshenko: We have to increase the number of anti-aircraft defense in order to protect our energy system from enemy strikes

Yulia Timoshenko Radkovskiy Pozhivanov

"Our position is very simple - leave our land for the cruiser Moscow"

After the enemy's massive missile attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, the deployment of heating points throughout the country is particularly timely. This was stated by Yulia Tymoshenko, People's Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the "Batkivshchyna" party, during her two-day visit to the Odesa region. The politician noted that her team has already started work on organizing such points with special tents, small houses and autonomous generators in communities. 

"I have already visited the first heating point in Odesa region, which was arranged by our Odesa team headed by Oleg Radkovskii. This is a specially arranged huge tent where you can warm up, get hot drinks and food, and charge your gadgets. There is a boiler that gives a lot of heat and a generator. We must be prepared for the most severe consequences of enemy attacks on our energy system," said Yulia Tymoshenko. 

Yulia Timoshenko Radkovskiy Pozhivanov

According to the former prime minister, it is worth preparing for the next massive missile strikes of the enemy, because Russia, against the background of failures at the front, purposefully wants to leave Ukrainians without life support systems - electricity, water, gas and heat - before winter. The politician noted that with such actions, the enemy wants to break the Ukrainians and force Ukraine to go to war. 

"They are using all means to force us into the negotiation process and into a ceasefire. If this is done, it will give them a chance and time to secure their troops, recover and prepare a new mobilization reserve. They need this break. Therefore, we have no right to go for it. The terms offered by the aggressor for peace are unacceptable. This is the road to the fact that in a few years a new war will begin. That is why we need to persevere and survive this difficult period in order to win," said the party leader. 

Yulia Timoshenko Radkovskiy Pozhivanov

In order to minimize the destruction of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko proposes to redistribute the air defense systems in such a way as to close the energy supply facilities in the first place. 

"Strikes on the energy infrastructure can no longer be allowed. The first thing to do is to redistribute air defense systems for priority protection of energy facilities. Also, the Government must immediately optimize expenditures in the budget and consolidate part of the gold and currency reserves. Additional air defense systems can and should be purchased for all these finances in the arms market. For example, UAH 74 billion have been earmarked for "Great construction" for next year, I think it is better to direct it to the purchase of air defense, because now it is a matter of our lives," said the leader of "Batkivshchyna". 

The ex-prime minister also noted that a state program must be created, where all large construction companies, cement and concrete construction factories will gather to deploy concrete protection of the most vulnerable parts of the Ukrainian energy system - transformer substations. 

According to her, in such a tragic time for Ukraine, it is worth creating a Government of National Unity, because now is not the time for political confrontations. We need to focus on repelling the enemy attack and winning this war.  

Yulia Timoshenko Radkovskiy Pozhivanov

"The statement that Ukraine does not want peace is absolutely false. Ukraine and Ukrainians want peace on their land more than anyone else on this planet, but what they are offering us is not a conversation about peace. This is preparation for the final stage of capturing all of Ukraine. Our position is very simple - leave our land after the cruiser Moskva, withdraw your troops, pay all the damages and leave us alone. They will not offer us true peace, they will offer a new road to war. That's why we just have to win!", explained the People's Deputy. 

The whole world well understands the meaning and content of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the fact that Putin wants to destroy the leadership of the West, to completely change the world order from the democracy of the free world to a dictate, when international law is worthless, Yulia Tymoshenko noted. She convinced that the Kremlin's plan had failed, and the peoples of free countries would not allow this to happen.


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