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NGO "CZI" asks the President to take measures against corrupt law enforcement officers and judges

The non-governmental organization "CZI", faced with excessive pressure and raider captures, turned to the higher authorities of the state for support. As noted in a number of appeals signed by the director of the NGO "CZI" Arkady Chornoy, "in conditions of systemic legal chaos and after repeated unsuccessful attempts to find justice through local courts and law enforcement agencies, the CZI appeals directly to the President of Ukraine and the highest branches of government." 

In addition, the impossibility of achieving justice at home forced the organization to seek protection outside of Ukraine, including at the US Embassy and other American institutions, as some of the heads of NGOs are US citizens. 

"CZI" hopes that this step will help draw attention to violations at the highest level and promote active actions to protect the rights and freedoms of the organization's members.

Cases of seizure of the organization's property are described in detail in the appeals that ElitExpert has at its disposal. Also, "CZI" reports on the constant pressure that NGOs are under from the judicial and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine:

"In 2021, the ownership of the Ukrainian enterprise of the NGO "Tszi" (EDRPOU code 39693465) was captured by an organized criminal group, — it is stated in the appeal — The market value of the stolen property is 10 million US dollars. 

For more than three years, these crimes have been investigated by the Main Investigative Department of the National Police, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and several district police and prosecutor's offices.

Nonetheless, no crime has been solved in three years. Investigative actions are not carried out, and if they are carried out, then formally - "for a tick".

All members of the organized criminal group and their accomplices remain at large, continuing to use seized property and commit new crimes."

The NGO notes that the raiders' actions could not have been successful without the connivance and, in some cases, direct support from law enforcement and judicial authorities.

"At the same time, law enforcement agencies criminal case was unfounded against the founders of the NGO "Tszi". As part of this case, dozens of searches were conducted, fabricated physical evidence was thrown, and the economic activities of the organization were blocked. In addition, law enforcement officers committed a number of crimes while investigating these criminal cases. 

According to the facts of offenses committed by law enforcement officers, the State Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings. But after a formal and ineffective investigation, the SBI closed all cases; no one was prosecuted.

Under these circumstances, the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine initiated case No. 72023160000000013, but the case was not investigated and was closed.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has submitted several statements about the initiation of criminal cases against prosecutors and judges. But NABU has not initiated any case based on these statements.

Investigating judges of the Pechersk Court of Kyiv actually cover the inactivity of the investigation

The Supreme Council of Justice did not prosecute any judge who made unjust decisions", — is emphasized in the appeal.

In addition, Arkady Chornyi notes that hundreds of appeals and complaints to the higher authorities of Ukraine remain without a proper reaction and response, and the courts are corrupt everywhere:

"AT it is very difficult for a Ukrainian court to get a fair decision if the opposite party offers a bribe to the judges. Lawsuits get to the "necessary" judges as a result of interference in the auto-allocation system, recusals of judges or by other methods."

That is why, based on the above information, the NGO "CZI" requests:

  • to officially recognize the facts of corruption and abuses in law enforcement and judicial bodies;
  • to take measures against officials, judges and law enforcement officers involved in corrupt practices and pressure on the CZI NGO, including their removal from positions and seizure of illegally acquired assets
  • conduct an independent investigation of crimes in which an organized criminal group was involved.

In addition, the organization appealed to the US Embassy  publicly condemn the scale of corruption in Ukraine; and introduce sanctions against Ukrainian officials who are involved in the commission of corruption crimes, namely, to seize bank accounts and ban them from entering the US, etc.   


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