Since 2022, Serbia has provided weapons worth 800 million euros to Ukraine — FT


Serbia has been quietly increasing its ammunition sales to the West, which ultimately helps bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities – even though it is one of only two European countries that has not joined Western sanctions against Russia. He writes about it Financial Times.

According to estimates provided by the publication, since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Serbian exports of ammunition that have entered Ukraine through third parties amount to about 800 million euros - an amount that President Aleksandar Vučić called generally accurate.

He presented the situation as a business opportunity, insisting that he would not take sides in the war.

"It's part of our economic revival, and it's important to us. Yes, we export our ammunition. We cannot export to Ukraine or Russia... but we had many contracts with Americans, Spaniards, Czechs, others. What they do with it in the end is their job. Even if I know where the ammunition is going, it's not my job." Vucic said in an interview.

When asked if the €800 million figure was correct, he said it was not in one year, but "maybe in two or three years, something like that."

It should be noted that Serbia participated in the inaugural Peace Summit and signed the final communique.

Serbia, as an ally of the Russian Federation in the Balkans, has repeatedly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the UN and other international forums, but has refused to join international sanctions against the Kremlin.

Since 2022, Serbian President Vučić has met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky three times during international events abroad, the last time at the "Ukraine-Balkans" summit in Tirana in February.

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