Taiwan puts its troops on high alert


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Taiwan, in response to China's training, raised planes into the air and also put the troops on high alert. This is reported Associated Press News.

According to the Chinese military, the two-day exercises around Taiwan are punishment for "separatist forces seeking independence".

As noted by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan, Beijing's provocations endanger regional peace and stability. The agency also added that the island nation will not seek conflicts, but will not avoid them either.

"This pretext for conducting military exercises not only does not promote peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, but also demonstrates its hegemonic nature." added to the Ministry of Defense.

During his inaugural address, Taiwan's President Lai Chinte said that his country wants dialogue with China to maintain the current status quo and not drag allies into war.

Moreover, China's actions were also condemned by the opposition Nationalist Party, which is considered pro-Chinese.

The situation around China and Taiwan

Beijing considers Taiwan a "separatist province" and wants to return it to its fold, asserting the so-called "inevitable reunification." The island state, in turn, declares independence.

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