NATO can protect the skies over Western Ukraine, — Bild


Some NATO countries are ready to expand their support to Ukraine and start acting directly on Ukrainian territory. About this the Picture.

According to Bild sources, for expansion assistance is provided by: Estonia, Great Britain, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, France. They oppose USA and Germany.

Currently, there are no final decisions, but the issue is raised in several directions:

Teaching. We are talking about the training of the Defense Forces by the instructors of the Alliance directly on the territory of Ukraine. As the former head of the operational staff of the Ministry of Defense of Germany, Niko Lange, noted, it is smarter and more economical to send instructors to the west of Ukraine than to force hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to fly around Europe.

Logistics. A number of NATO countries, including Britain, Canada and Estonia, are considering the possibility of supplying weapons not to the borders of Ukraine, but even closer to the front. The concept of "advanced logistics" is currently being developed.

Air defense (air defense). In particular, the issue of strengthening the defense of western Ukraine by NATO anti-aircraft systems is raised. Poland is the initiator. There is no final solution either.

Ukraine calls on the West to shoot down Russian missiles

Ukraine asked the West to help shoot down enemy missiles at the beginning of a full-scale war, but the Alliance is afraid of an escalation of the war. Recently, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reminded that during mass shelling, Poland regularly raises planes, but they do not help to close the sky.

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