"Infoksvodokanal" renovated almost 2 meters of sewage collector in the Kyiv district of Odesa


Despite the difficulties and the state of war, "Infoksvodokanal" continues to update networks and communications, because the reliability and quality of providing services to consumers depends on this.

This time it was the turn of the pressure sewer collector in the Kyiv district of the city of Odesa, which, due to work in an aggressive environment and under constant pressure, has exhausted its operational limit. So that residents of Veliky Fontat and Dacha Kovalevskyi do not suffer from possible accidents and interruptions in water drainage, the company's specialists laid 1870 meters of new polyethylene pipes. In addition, modern shut-off valves were installed and 8 new wells were built.


The works were carried out without disconnecting the sewage system, so that consumers would not experience inconvenience and interruptions in the provision of services.

To date, the company has already replaced more than 220 thousand meters of pipelines with new ones made of modern materials and is trying to continue this work.


In turn, "Infoksvodokanal" is grateful to every consumer for their support and timely payments, since the absence of debt in the conditions of rising prices and costs is a guarantee of the stable operation of the water supply company, which means the quality of water supply and drainage.

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