Can a man with a disability of the III group be drafted


The new law on mobilization, which recently entered into force, regulates the mobilization of people with disabilities. In particular, in the document you can find an answer to whether a man with a disability of the III group can be drafted into the army.

About whether all persons with disabilities of the third group are exempted from military service and who should undergo a re-examination?

Is it possible to mobilize people with disabilities of the III group

According to the new law on mobilization, people with disabilities of groups I-III are exempted from military service. That is, the mobilization of persons with disabilities of the III group does not take place. This issue is regulated by Article 23. The legislation establishes that conscripts who are recognized in the established procedure as persons with disabilities or, according to the conclusion of the military medical commission, are temporarily unfit for military service due to their state of health, are not subject to conscription for military service during mobilization. a period of 6-12 months (with the subsequent passing of VLC).

However, such a person can join the ranks of the Ukrainian army at his own will and on a contractual basis. At the same time, the decision to mobilize a person with a disability under the contract can be made only after a thorough medical examination and assessment of his ability to military service, taking into account the medical history and limitations.

Who should be re-examined?

It is worth noting that some of the adopted changes in the law relate directly to the medical system: the work of the VLK, passing medical examinations, checking the decisions of the medical and social expert commission. The latter applies to men aged 25 to 50 who were first diagnosed with group II and III disability after February 24, 2022.

However, there are exceptions that are not subject to re-examination:

  • those to whom the disability of II and III groups is established in the order of increasing/decreasing the disability group,
  • who is disabled also/or as a result of diseases, injuries (injuries, contusions, mutilations) received during the defense of the Motherland,
  • to whom disability is established in the absence of limbs (hands, feet, one of the paired organs),
  • who have been diagnosed with oncological diseases, intellectual disabilities or mental disorders, cerebral palsy, paralytic syndromes due to childhood disability.

The Ministry of Defense associates the decision with repeated checks with quite blatant cases of disability, but notes that it will be possible to talk about the corruption component at the end of this process.

"If the disability is not confirmed and it will be a large number of people, then it is worth drawing the attention of the relevant authorities." - said the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Dmytro Lazutkin and added that at the moment there is no need to talk about the fact that there is a great mobilization potential among this category of people.

At the same time, in turn, the Ministry of Health recently sent an important message: everyone who has been diagnosed with disability after February 24, 2024 does not need to appear for a second medical examination on their own.

Тим часом МКЧХ організував сесію для сімей зниклих безвісти та військовополонених з наданням правової та адміністративної допомоги, а також психологічної підтримки.

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