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iOS 18 will allow you to change the location and color of app icons


iOS 18 is causing a lot of hype among fans as the platform is gearing up for major changes, including the introduction of AI and visual improvements.

It was previously thought that this would be the biggest update from Apple, and the changes will even affect the home screen, which has remained largely unchanged since the iPhone. Now it's being reported that users will even be able to change the color of app icons in iOS 18.

One of the biggest visual innovations in iOS 18 is the ability to place app icons anywhere on the home screen. Currently, iPhone users can only rearrange app icons without leaving empty space, which has caused some dissatisfaction over the years. In addition, Apple will allow users to change the color of program icons. The company's approach is similar to how it's implemented on Android, especially on Google's Pixel phones in terms of customization.

On Google Pixel smartphones with the latest version of Android, users can freely change the color of app icons to match the color of the wallpaper. Google also offers its recommendations of what it thinks are the best matches for the selected wallpapers. Apple is likely to follow the same approach.

Apple is gradually making the iPhone more open to customization, something it has long avoided. It is worth noting that users can already change the color of application icons through the "Commands" application, but having such a function would be a greater plus and simplify the process. It is not yet known exactly how Apple plans to implement this feature, but it is likely to be available alongside the ability to shuffle apps. It's also unclear whether the company will allow changing app logos.

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