The importance of early rehabilitation after a stroke: how not to miss the "golden time"

If this time is lost, further recovery is much more difficult and slower.

After a stroke, it is extremely important not to waste time and contact rehabilitators as soon as possible, Denys Sokolov, head of the Rehabilitation Center "Nasha Turbota", noted in a comment to the "ElitExpert" news agency.

According to him, the first three months are the golden time for recovery, and if this time is lost, further recovery is much more difficult and slower, and after six months the body practically does not recover.

A stroke is one of the most serious diseases that deeply affects human health. This condition occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is suddenly cut off or when a blood vessel bursts, causing a brain hemorrhage. Consequences can range from mild functional impairment to severe long-term damage or even death. Rehabilitation is aimed at maximal recovery of lost functions.

"Restoring motor functions and speech is one of the main tasks of rehabilitation after a stroke," Denys Sokolov emphasized. "Many patients face problems controlling and coordinating their movements, and our goal is to help them regain these important abilities."

Rehabilitation also includes psychological support to overcome emotional stress and adapt to changes in everyday life. Lifestyle changes, including diet and physical activity, can help minimize the risk of a repeat stroke.

"Early start of rehabilitation is critical for improving treatment results," said the head of the center. "Intensive rehabilitation, started in the first few weeks, contributes to a more effective recovery and helps to return to normal life faster."

Summing up, Denys Sokolov noted that recovery after a stroke requires constant attention and effort from the patient, his family and the medical team, and it is a systematic approach and support at each stage that will help achieve the best results.


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