The conflict surrounding Lesya Ukrainka's Kyiv theater

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The National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka in Kyiv has left its long-time director Mykhailo Reznikovich, who headed it since 1994. This was reported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Reznikovich did not actually manage the theater in the last year.

"During the full-scale invasion, Mykhailo Yuriyovych was often receiving treatment in Great Britain due to his health and could not continue active work in an administrative position, but he actively helped the theater", - the message of the Ministry of Culture says.

The Ministry declares that the theater was headed by Reznikovich's student, director Kyrylo Kashlykov, who was able to restore the theater's work since February.

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"He started the work of the theater already in April and together with the theater team restarted the repertoire in Ukrainian and removed the word "Russian" from the name of the institution, - the Ministry of Culture noted.

In turn, Mykhailo Reznikovich commented on his dismissal in a slightly different way.

"I left the theater not of my own free will. Believe me, I did everything in my power to stay and participate in the creative life of the theater.", — wrote the former director.

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"There were two people against it - Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko and Kashlykov. Today they succeeded. In this duo, in this conscious and even unconscious desire to destroy the theater, I would put Kashlykov first, I can't help but tell you this today. It's sad that I was so wrong about it, I didn't see it."Reznikovich wrote on Facebook.


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