"Want to be a loser president?": Zelensky reacted to Trump's statements about concessions in the war


The President is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not stop in Ukraine and will go further if the war is won

US presidential candidate Donald Trump's intentions to end the war in Ukraine through concessions may not only be dangerous for Ukraine, but also for the US position in the world. About this said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi in an interview with The Guardian.

The President is sure that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not stop in Ukraine and will go further if the war is won. According to the president, the probable agreement between Trump and Putin will not stop the dictator.

"I don't understand, does he really want to be a loser president? For example, let's imagine that Trump became president and decided to end the war at the expense of Ukraine. Example. And somehow I got confirmation from Putin that this is a stop, that's all. Ukrainians will not put up with this, but he can then say that he does not give us any support, and Ukraine without weapons, bare-handed, will not be able to fight with a multi-million army. Let's imagine. And imagine for a second that after that Putin will go further. So who will this US president be for the whole world?", - he said.

Zelensky said that if Putin wins, the US president will look weak. It is not only about the personality of the American leader, but also about the institutionality of the USA. They will no longer be leaders in the world.

"And then Putin will move on, realizing that the USA is no longer such a big player. And then other authoritarian leaders of other countries will enter the arena. And here you have the ceasefire and the beginning of what everyone is afraid to talk about. This is the third world war." - said the President of Ukraine.

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