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Roman Hrygoryshyn and Co.: strategic projects in Odesa or eye candy during the war

Hrygoryshyn Roman Myroslavovych

There is still no full-fledged leader in the Odesa Regional Military Administration. Maksym Marchenko, as before his curator Kyril Tymoshenko, were removed after a series of corruption scandals and detentions in the Regional State Administration, but those who remained at the helm of provinces and officials, apparently, what happened did not teach them anything.

Despite the fact that the region is today the main bridgehead for the implementation of global strategic military and civil projects: border defense, the "grain agreement", exports, logistics and even the possibility of holding a world exhibition EXPO-2030, the officials who are responsible for this work according to the principle - "More words, less action"...

Earlier, Odesa residents, due to their mentality, watched with a smile as the heads of various regional agencies and departments quietly dusted the budget on "murky" projects, forums and business trips, but now every resident of the region has an extremely negative attitude towards such manipulations.

Quite recently, a similar forum was held in Odesa, organized by the Agency for Regional Development of the Odesa Region at the ODA. The purpose of such a pathetic event was to develop a development plan for the Odesa region and attract investments for its implementation. Indeed, the topic of foreign investments for the restoration of the country is one of the key topics on the Ukrainian agenda today. But behind the words there should be specifics - and there is none, just like, in the end, transparency.

So, Regional Development Agency has been around for three years. One of its activities is providing paid information and advisory services to the communities of the Odesa region. And since the Agency was created by the Odesa Regional State Administration, it is probably a monopolist in the market of such services in the region.

Hrygoryshyn Roman Myroslavovych

Recently, at a briefing at the "Ukraine-Odesa Media Center", "ElitExpert" inquired about the amount that the Agency for Regional Development of the Odesa region earned in 2022, providing information and advisory services to the communities of the region. We asked this question to the manager office for work with territorial communities of the Agency to Elena Ivanova .

We would like to remind you that the figures of contracts for such services in the Agency vary from 20 to 90 thousand hryvnias, and for communities in Odesa region - 90. We were also interested in the expenditure part of these funds - where and how the Agency for Regional Development spent them. Mrs. Ivanova replied that she did not have this information.

"I do not deal with the economic block and the profitable part... I can comment on the interaction with the communities in this direction, how we cooperate... but, unfortunately, I am not competent in providing information on accounting reports" ...

Really, what kind of competence can one talk about when an official - the head of the office for work with territorial communities, which has existed for several years, comes to a meeting with journalists, not having elementary statistics on the main areas of his activity.

Transparency of work, control over financial income and expenses, clear planning, responsibility, effectiveness - these, in our opinion, are the main requirements that society makes to all state institutions that exist with the money of Ukrainian taxpayers. Especially during the war!

Unfortunately, it seems that we are far from understanding these criteria Roman Hrygoryshyn, Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, which deals not only with the work of the Regional Development Agency, but also with a very important project for Ukraine — EXPO-2030.

Hrygoryshyn Roman Myroslavovych

The international exhibition can become the most important image and investment event of post-war Ukraine. But in order to get the right to hold it at home, how "ElitExpert" as I wrote earlier, what is needed are not populist messages or behind-the-scenes games, but clear business plans, reputable partners, high-quality information cases and transparent reporting — even at the preparatory stage and in a warring country.

Mr. Hrygoryshyn, once again, could not it is understandable to talk about the professional experience and reputation of the members of your team (note, on site Odesa EXPO does not have this information), considering questions about it "ridiculous" and suggesting "not to look for schools where there are none and evaluate everyone by the result".

And if due to insufficient professionalism and competence of this team, Ukraine loses, who and how will be responsible for this?

By the way, the official has repeatedly emphasized in his speeches that "we did not spend 20 million dollars on the dossier, like Saudi Arabia, it was given to us... and we should be grateful...". Agree, strange, far from comprehensive rhetoric for the deputy head of the Regional Military Administration, who answers journalists' questions about the financing of such an important project.

Maybe it surprises someone in the government offices, but we still want to know and tell our readers about who exactly, under what conditions, in what amounts is financing this project now and will finance this project in the future? Who and on the basis of which analytical study laid economic, logistic and investment indicators in the file of Odessa? What will be the multiplier effect? There are so many questions, there is no one to ask...

For the second year, the war continues in Ukraine, our country is supported by the entire civilized world, we all want to live in a peaceful, successful and comfortable state. Nowadays, every Ukrainian helps his country: soldiers at the front, entrepreneurs and ordinary people in the rear, everyone does what they can. But it is very important to correctly define your business, according to your skills, abilities and education. In order not to harm, especially when you work in the authorities.

The work of an official is not easy, it requires full commitment, understanding of processes, and imposes great responsibility. A real official "serves" for the benefit of the people - creating new things and developing existing ones, helping people and the state. This job is not for everyone.

"ElitExpert" is not looking for "chips where there are none", but it is difficult for us to look at the incompetence of people who represent the government with a calm heart. As mass media, we bring information to our readers, but as mass media of Ukraine, we also support our country.

Olena Ovchinnikova

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