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How the media market changed during the war

Even ten years ago, advertisers bought digital advertising almost blindly. It was quite difficult to guess whether your banner would be seen by the right target audience. In addition, the path of such advertising was longer. With the advent of more advanced AdTech (advertising technology) the path to website visitors has become shorter, and money is closer.

In Ukraine, an illustrative case is currently unfolding: during the first year of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, AdTech helped the country's online news media earn an additional $1,5 million and save business. How advertising technologies help digital media projects, he told the publication Mind CEO of Membrana Media Mykhailo Kudryavskyi.

AdTech in the world

According to research, the digital advertising market shows a certain growth and this trend will continue in the coming years. For example, according to eMarketer, the size of the digital advertising market in the United States by 2025 will exceed $300 billion, which will account for more than three quarters of all media spending. In 2022, this indicator was almost $240 million. Europe, although its revenues cannot yet be compared with the American ones, is also a confident player in the international market.

According danimi According to Statista, in 2022 more than $85 billion was spent on programmatic advertising alone, $46 billion on digital video advertising, and $40 billion on search engine advertising (and the Ukrainian market grew the fastest in this segment).

With the development of AdTech technologies, market opportunities have increased significantly. For example, in 2014, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology appeared, which became a real breakthrough for the industry.

Advertisers, who previously did not know for sure whether their message would be seen by the right audience, were able to segment the audience as much as possible, monitor contact with site visitors almost in real time, and at the same time buy advertising impressions using the auction mechanism at a more favorable price.

Technology continues to hold demand. The global RTB market is expected to will grow from $6,6 billion in 2019 to $27,2 billion by 2024.

AdTech for online media

Advertising technologies are in demand in various business segments, but they are not equally essential everywhere. Unlike, for example, e-commerce, digital advertising is a key source of income for online media. And sometimes the only one. At the same time, publications must constantly maintain a balance: to create content that attracts and retains an audience, but at the same time such that this audience can be monetized. And in this context, modern advertising technologies become a bridge between advertisers, publishers and readers/viewers of online media.

AdTech platforms automate the process of buying and selling advertising inventory, allowing online media to target specific audience segments and optimize ad placement. At the same time, the exchange of information between platforms during the auctions takes place in real time.

In addition, AdTech platforms can determine the best place to place ads, increase views of the ad message and, therefore, increase the revenue of the publication. Everyone wins: the advertiser gets a more targeted campaign, the publisher gets more revenue, the reader or viewer gets relevant information.

Profit for Ukraine

The most demonstrative case of success of AdTech in the field of online media is unfolding in our country and before our eyes. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the digital advertising market fell (sometimes even to zero) in almost a day. It is not surprising that it hit those who depend on digital, first of all, online media.

Paradoxically, Ukrainian news portals saw more traffic due to the audience's attention to the topic of war, but at the same time, the opportunities to monetize this traffic decreased significantly. In March - April 2022, the market united and began to look for ways out together. In the conditions when it was necessary to save the team, and the very existence of the business was in danger, the managers of the online media turned their attention to those tools that had not been tested before. For example, optimization of banners and video advertising.

Advertising technologies continue to develop in Ukraine despite military operations. Of course, a lot depends on the events at the front. For example, the confidence of advertisers that our economy is still worth investing in. But media outlets around the world are already generating additional revenue from the effective implementation of AdTech. And Ukraine is among them.

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