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Why does society support attacks on the military from the TCC — Serhii Fursa


In the conditions of increased mobilization, a large part of Ukrainians began to support actions against the police and the military, who provide it. Why is this happening and what global consequences can it lead to? ponders investment banker Serhii Fursa.

A year ago, a large part of the Ukrainian people supported the bandits in the confrontation with the policemen, who were forced to use weapons when force was used against them.

This year, a large part of Ukrainian society supports people who attack the TCC, representatives of the Armed Forces, in confrontation with those who resist legal demands

Are you guys normal? Is it normal in a country to attack military personnel doing their job during martial law? Is there a less protected category of people in Ukraine than the military, who are forced to mobilize? Do you think it's normal to attack the military and consider it bravery?

Yes, there are bribers in the police, but this does not give the right to attack the police and resist the legitimate demands of the police.

Yes, there are bribers in the TCC, but this does not give the right to use force against the military during martial law.

Why are there bribers? Because the country is corrupt. And they are everywhere.

Could it happen that one day some soldier loses his temper and shoots the one who uses force on him. May. And he will be right. And I will be the first to defend such a military man. Because there is a war in the country. Because a military man fulfills his task. Because I already got it. And the people to blame for the death of a civilian will be the people who have been tolerating the disgraceful practice of insulting and attacking representatives of the TCC all this time. Which to many people seem to look scarier than Putin's soldiers. Is it just not scary to attack them? Because the Russians would shoot such people in an instant. And the Ukrainian military is forced to behave "politely".

In one place, they believe that it is possible to beat the military. In another, a mother bites a soldier, trying to prevent her son from being mobilized. In the third, medical colleagues begin to fight back, not wanting to be mobilized.

What's next? And is there responsibility for such actions. Liability of martial law. And of course, you can understand the mother's emotions. But for such understandable emotions there should be clear criminal responsibility. For others to keep their emotions to themselves.

It is strange that the indicators of one's own and another's are formed in society. For some reason, policemen who do their job and protect society began to fall in with strangers. And the military, who are doing their job. Often, they risked their lives on the front lines. And now they are in TCC. And they face the gratitude of the common people. And people think this is the norm? Is it normal to try to repel from the military those who are supposed to be mobilized? Can we disband the entire army? Do other people serve there in the Armed Forces?

When people supported a bandit in a confrontation with a policeman, people somehow put themselves in the place of the bandit. They associated themselves with him and therefore hated the policeman. And now people do not associate themselves with the military that protects Ukraine, but with those who can be mobilized. It is clear. None of the civilians wants to join the army, inspired by Russian propaganda that it is a one-way street. But it is one thing to be quietly afraid, and another to actively act. To side with the Russians. Because on the one hand, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And if you are against the Armed Forces, then you are with Putin, Kadyrov and their murderers and executioners from Buchi. Great company, really.

When you share a video like this, what do you think about? What is fun? Is this how you demonstrate your citizenship? Something like wearing an "evasive" t-shirt without wearing it. And what does your civic position say? Is it normal to discredit the mobilization in Ukraine? That it is normal to support the Russian information policy to discredit the mobilization. And doesn't the thought come to your head, why is it suddenly so important for the Russians to disrupt the mobilization? You have no idea why there is so much attention? And if so, aren't you consciously supporting the enemy in the war against Ukraine?

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