Britain's richest family exploited people - the BBC


In Switzerland, the court found guilty of human exploitation of four members of the richest family in Great Britain - the Indian Hinduja family. It is reported The Guardian and with the BBC.

Prakash and Kamal Hinduja, as well as their son Ajay and his wife Namrata, have been found guilty of exploiting and illegally employing people they brought from India to work for them, it said. The family members were sentenced to 4 to 4,5 years.

The elderly Hinduja couple (both in their 70s) did not attend court hearings citing ill health. Ajay and Namrata were present at the court but did not hear the verdicts.

The defendants' lawyers said they would appeal the court's decision.

The three workers Hinduja brought from India claimed the family paid them just £7 ($8) for an 18-hour day - less than a tenth of the amount required under Swiss law. Workers' passports were also taken away and they were rarely allowed to leave the house. During the trial, prosecutors argued that the family spent more on their dog than on their servants.

Lawyers for the Hinduja family argued that all three plaintiffs received significant privileges, were not kept in isolation, and were free to leave the villa. According to the lawyers, the workers were grateful to their employers for offering them a better life.

The Hinduja family owns the Hinduja Group, a multinational oil, gas and banking conglomerate. The family also owns the Raffles Hotel in London. The combined wealth of the family is estimated at approximately 37 billion pounds sterling (approximately 47 billion dollars).

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